Teaching is something I am super passionate about because when I was learning and developing my style there were very little resources to grow from. In creating these courses I have included the tools needed to start, promote and experience growth in your bridal business. Color in the Ville started in 2020 and closed the year of 2021 being a part of 92 weddings and I want to give you the tools to start or grow your business. 

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Learn the effortless upstyle

This style is one of my favorites and most requested! I love it because it is SECURE with out looking too structured. Let's get to learning the Effortless Style! 


Taking a spin on the structured Hollywood Wave and making it more effortless and undone. We love this look and in 2022 we are seeing a little softer, not so structured version! This video is designed for Hairstylists AND those wanting to do it themselves! Let’s get to learning the Undone Wave!

Learn the Textured half up

This style is one of my most requested on wedding day! I have done hundreds of variations of this style and this video goes into the steps to teach you exactly how to create it. We dive into how to create texture in the top, create a secure half up style that will last allll night long. Each video comes with a prep video for how I like to prep hair for each style! 

Training for the ambitious stylist

2 courses offered geared to the specific needs of where you are at now

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Course 1: Defining the Details

Course 2: Building your base

- In this course you will learn about the details in hair styling. Creating a hairstyle is made in the details. You will learn how to tweak the pieces to either end with a textured or smooth style, learn face framing techniques to create the most flattering shape for your bride, and the tools needed to structure your style.

- Details go beyond hairstyling including how to take photos of your work, how to promote and connect with future brides, how to have the best consultation to learn the vision for your bride! 

- There will be a demo potion and hands on portion both will be done on models! 

- Building your base covers 3 different ways to structure an up-style. You will learn which base works best with what hair type to create your hairstyle. This is so important because it totally affects the wearability of your style. We will cover tools and what products to use to create those styles. 

- This course also goes over bridesmaid styles and ways to have a smooth wedding day, how to structure that schedule, and how to have an affective consultation 

- There will be a demo of the 3 bases and then a hands on potion covering those styles, both will be on models! 

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